Kitty Guthrie Oakley - Artist & Illustrator
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I am an artist and illustrator living a short distance from London by the Essex seaside. My work is usually about people and their stories, and always begins with drawings in my sketchbook done from life, imagination or old books and magazines I've collected over the years.

The films, tv programmes, books and comics from my childhood in the 50s/60s have a big influence on my work. It doesn't take much to flip me back to my infant fantasies, and everything I now create is rooted in those musings, often with a touch of nonsense or humour as I grew up in a family that found a lot to laugh about.

From my random sketchbook drawings I develop ideas for themed series of work - these may include paintings, handmade screenprints and relief prints, or handmade books. Occasionally I make painted papier mache figures and puppets too - jut for the fun of doing it. Always I aim to keep my hand light, to keep on playing and learning, and to produce work that is meaningful to me, and hopefully to others also.

In 2000 I graduated in illustration from the University of Brighton, and in 2008 gained the MA (Dist) in children's book illustration from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, where I then became a visiting lecturer. I provide workshops and art classes for adults and children, as well as individual tuition and mentoring. I am a resident artist of The Hive Studios in Chelmsford, a founding member of Inky Crows Illustration collective, and a member of Response - an artist's peer-mentoring group in London.


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